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Volume 65 Number 4 Total replacement of cereals by cassava and rice polishings in diets of growing finishing pigs Abstract
F.P. Lekule, L.A. Mtenga, A. Just
Volume 93 Special Issue 1, July 2016 International Breadfruit Conference Toward a global view of breadfruit genetic diversity. (77) Abstract
Nyree J.C. Zerega, Diane Ragone
Vol 98, No 4 Toxicity of derivatized citrulline and extracts of water melon (Citrullus lanatus) rind on root knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) Abstract   PDF
Oluwatoyin Adenike Fabiyi, Gabriel Ademola Olatunji
Volume 72 Number 1 Toxicity of Furadan to several N2-fixing cyanobacteria from the rice fields of costal Orissa, India Abstract
Biswajit Rath, Siba P. Adhikary
Volume 87 Number 3 Toxicity of methyl bromide as a post-harvest treatment on mangoes and stone fruit, against the Mexican fruit fly and the West Indian fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae). (131) Abstract
Dan A. Wolfenbarger, Jesus Loera-Gallardo,
Volume 73 Number 2 Toxicity of three pesticides to several rice-field cyanobacteria Abstract
Mihir K. Das, Siba P. Adhikary
Volume 71 Number 4 Trace mineral concentrations in cattle tissues in Trinidad Abstract
R. Mohammed, F.G. Youssef, I. Chang-Yen
Volume 65 Number 1 Traditional sex-related household roles as determinants of income distribution; a case study of arable farming communities in Anambra State, Nigeria Abstract
E.C. Okorji
F. G. Harcourt
Volume 79 Number 2 Transformation of Carica papaya L. with virus coat protein genes for studies on resistance to Papaya ringspot virus from Jamaica. (105) Abstract
Paula Tennant, M.H. Ahmad, Dennis Gonsalves
Volume 70 Number 4 Transformation of labile P in two alkaline soils amended with Sesbania aculeate at two moisture regimes Abstract
A.C. Vig, Milap Chand
Volume 56 Number 1 Transmission of Mucor rot of guava fruits by three species of fruit flies Abstract
R.J. Ito, R. Kunimoto, W.H. Ko
Volume 67 Number 1 Transmission of root (wilt) disease to coconut seedlings through Stephanitis typica (Distant) (Heteroptera:Tingidae) Abstract
K. Mathen, P. Rajan, C.P. Radhakrishnan Nair, M. Sasikala, M. Gunasekharan, M.P. Govindankutty, J.J. Solomon
A. F. Posnette
Volume 75 Number 4 Transplanted mint as a suitable component for traditional crop rotation in northern India. (473) Abstract
P. Ram, N.K. Patra, Birendra Kumar, H.B. Singh, Sushil Kumar
Volume 38 Number 3 Transplanting Papaya versus Seeding in Place Details
A.H. Lange
Volume 48 Number 1 Transport and Storage Diseases of Bananas: Biology and Control Details
D.S. Meredith
Volume 7 Number 6 TRANSPORT IN THE TROPICS Details
Philip Johnson
Volume 48 Number 3 Transport of Bananas at Ambient Temperatures using Polyethylene Bags Details
K.J. Scott, J.R. Blake, G. Strachan, B.L. Tugwell, W.B. McGlasson
Volume 50 Number 4 Transport of papaya fruits from Trinidad to Britain Abstract
G.R. Lee
Volume 48 Number 1 Transport of West Indian Mango Fruits Details
A.K. Thompson
Volume 39 Number 1 Trapping Tribolium in Storage Experiments Details
W.M. Graham
Volume 40 Number 1 Tray Fermentation of Cocoa Details
H.W.S. Allison, R.H. Kenten
Volume 67 Number 1 Treated sugarcane bagasse for sheep Abstract
A.L. Abdalla, D.M.S.S. Vitti, J.C. Silva Filho
Volume 7 Number 1 TRINIDAD AND JAVA CACAO. Selection Research Work on Cacao in Trinidad and in Java Details
C. J. J. Van Hall
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