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Volume 89 Number 3 Shelf life of three durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.) cultivars in ambient conditions as influenced by 1-methylcyclopropene. (161) Abstract
Emma Ruth Bayogan, Danica Riza V. Delgado, Miguela S. Añabesa
Volume 72 Number 2 Shoot and root interactions in intercropped wheat and clover Abstract
Daniel Dauro, M.A. Mohamed-Saleem
Volume 73 Number 4 Shoot emergence of ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) as affected by time of lifting, storage, size, and type of planting pieces Abstract
G.M. Sanewski, S. Fukai, J. Giles
Volume 69 Number 3 Shoot variability between and within Stylosanthes guianensis varieties Abstract
John B. Brolmann, Peter J. Stoffella
Vol 97, No 1 Short-term effects of amendments on soil properties and agronomic productivity for a coastal Guyana soil Abstract   PDF
Nall I. Moonilall, Oudho Homenauth, Rattan Lal
Volume 60 Number 1 Short-term storage of high-moisture rice in sealed containers Abstract
Ron B.H. Wills, Sukarti Moeljopawiro, Linda Moore, Kevin J. Scott
Volume 89 Number 3 Should the United States continue to pursue free trade agreements? A socio-economic perspective. (189) Abstract
E. M. Tavernier, A. Yadavalli
Volume 86 Number 4 Should the United States eliminate unilateral sanctions prohibiting food trade? (149) Abstract
Edmund M. Tavernier
Volume 6 Number 5 SIERRA LEONE GRASSES. The Palatability of Possible Pasture grasses in Sierra Leone Details
D. C. Edwards
Volume 68 Number 3 Significance of intercropped range legumes in nitrogen economy, biomass potential and protein enrichment of Chrysopogon fulvus Abstract
G.K. Dwivedi, K.C. Kanodia, N.C. Sinha
Volume 94 Number 4 Silage quality of Pennisetum purpureum Schumach. grass mixed with processed Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Jacq.) Griseb. seeds at varying proportions as affected by ensiling periods Abstract
V. Ojo, G. Akinade, G. Adetokunbo, A. Lamidi, A. Jolaosho, R. Aderinboye, T.A. Amole, R. Akinbode, O. Okukenu, O. Idowu
Volume 2 Number 4 SILANI. A new cover and forage crop from the Philippenes. Details
S. C. Harland
Volume 2 Number 9 SILVICULTURAL RESEARCH Details
R. L. Brooks
Volume 70 Number 3 Simple methods for reducing soil temperature in polyethylene containers in greenhouses in the tropics Abstract
Charassri Nualsri, John Evenson, Colin Asher
Volume 66 Number 4 Simulating lactation milk yield from interval recording in crossbred (temperate × Zebu) dairy cattle Abstract
A.S. Khanna, D.S. Balaine
Volume 78 Number 4 Simulation of maize yield and N uptake under tropical conditions with the CERES-Maize model. (211) Abstract
Mohammad Esmaeil Asadi, Roberto S. Clemente
Vol 97, No 1 Single crop coefficients for agricultural irrigation in Guyana. Abstract   PDF
Esequiel Rolando Rolando Jiménez Espinosa, Donessa Lucinda David, Garvin Cummings, Lisa Ann Peters
Volume 8 Number 11 SISAL Details
R. W. R. Miller
Volume 60 Number 3 Slaughter and carcass characteristics of Malawi Zebu steers and some observations on hindquarter conformation Abstract
Martyn H. Butterworth, James L. McNitt
Volume 52 Number 1 Slaughter characteristics of N’Dama cattle in Sierra Leone Abstract
W.D. Boston, J.S. Leigh, J.R. Romans, H.W. Norton, J. Kastelic
Volume 79 Number 4 Small farmers' production constraints and implications for agricultural diversification in the Caribbean. (247) Abstract
St Clair Barker
Volume 98, Number 3. Special Issue In Commemoration of 100 Years of Agricultural Legacy Through Teaching, Research and Innovation Small farmers’ production constraints and implications for agricultural diversification in the Caribbean Abstract   PDF
S. Barker
Volume 32 Number 2 Small-Scale Farm Management Problems Details
A.L. Jolly
Volume 89 Number 4 Socioeconomic and environmental factors influencing health status of Caribbean and Central American countries. (258) Abstract
Carel M. Ligeon, Curtis M. Jolly, Pauline E. Jolly
Vol 94, No 1 Socio-economic factors affecting household food expenditure in North Trinidad Abstract
Vidwatee Ramdhanie, Carlisle Pemberton, Isabella Granderson
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