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F. Hardy
Volume 49 Number 2 Seasonal influences on some yield factors in four varieties of Theobroma cacao L. Abstract
L.A. Are, O.A. Atanda
Volume 33 Number 3 Seasonal Variation in Attack by Diatraea spp. on Sugar Cane in Trinidad Details
F.J. Simmonds
Volume 40 Number 3 Seasonal Variation in the Fermentation of West African Amelonado Cocoa Details
H.W.S. Allison, R.H. Kenten
Volume 60 Number 2 Seasonal variation of lung and liver weights in pigs reared in the humid tropics Abstract
Ogbonna Alaku, Jörg Steinbach
Volume 80 Number 2 Seasonal variation of macro- and micro-mineral contents of some ruminant browse species from five countries in the South Pacific Region. (69) Abstract
E.M. Aregheore, E. Singh
Volume 34 Number 4 Seasonal Variation of the Surface pH Value of some Rice Soils of Sierra Leone Details
T.E. Tomlinson
Volume 65 Number 1 Seasonal yield and quality of 'Bigalta', 'Redalta' and 'Floralta' limpograss Abstract
Scott Christiansen, O. Charles Ruelke, William R. Ocumpaugh, Kenneth H. Quesenberry, John E. Moore
Volume 70 Number 2 Seasonality and yield of breadfruit cultivars in the indigenous agroforestry system of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia Abstract
James H. Fownes, William C. Raynor
Volume 60 Number 3 Seasonality of calving amongst unimproved cattle in Swaziland Abstract
Martyn H. Butterworth
Volume 81 Number 1 Secondary embryogenesis and plant regeneration in Psidium guajava L. (41) Abstract
Jorge A. Vilchez. P., Nilca R. Albany V., Rafael Gomez Kosky, Leyanis Garcia
Volume 72 Number 4 Seed analysis as a means of identifying macronutrient deficiencies of Phaseolus vulgaris L. in the tropics Abstract
Stephanie J. Brodrick, Judy A. Kipe-Noitt, Ken E. Giller
Volume 76 Number 3 Seed dormancy in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.): II. Estimation of gene effects in six crosses. (188) Abstract
S. Sudheer Kumar, S.A. Patel
Volume 56 Number 3 Seed dormancy in Panicum maximum Jacq. Abstract
R.L. Smith
Volume 76 Number 3 Seed dormancy studies in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.): I. Methods of screening. (183) Abstract
S. Sudheer Kumar, S.A. Patel
Volume 37 Number 3 Seed Fertility of 'Gros Michel' Bananas Details
K. Shepherd
Volume 63 Number 1 Seed potato (Solanum tuberosum) storage methods and subsequent field production in New Caledonia Abstract
P. Severian, F. Devinck, P. Vaander Zaag
Volume 62 Number 3 Seed production of Urena lobata in Sierra Leone: effect of harvest date on yield Abstract
P.J.C. Harris
Volume 63 Number 1 Seed production of Urena lobata in Sierra Leone: Effect of sowing date Abstract
F.J.C. Harris, Y. Brewah
Volume 55 Number 4 Seed protein and oil yields of the winged bean, Psophocarpus tetragonolobus, in Puerto Rico Abstract
J. Harding, F.W. Martin, R. Kleiman
Volume 8 Number 12 SEED STORAGE AND GERMINATION. The Use of Cool Storage in Retaining the Germinating Power of Some Oily Seeds. Details
G. E. L. Spencer
Volume 49 Number 1 Seed transmission of cowpea mosaic virus Details
S.Q. Haque, V.V. Chenulu
Volume 58 Number 3 Seed viability, dormancy, and field emergence of Urena lobata L. in Sierra Leone Abstract
P.J.C. Harris
Volume 49 Number 3 Seed weight, protein, oil and fatty acid relationships within the genus Glycine* Abstract
T. Hymowitz, R.G. Palmer, H.H. Hadley
Volume 66 Number 1 Seed yam production by minisett technique: evaluation of three Dioscorea species in the Guinea and derived Savanna zone of Nigeria Abstract
B.A. Kalu
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