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Volume 66 Number 4 Safety evaluation of cassava fermented with micro-fungi Abstract
J.J. Thambirajah
Volume 10 Number 2 SALINE AND ALKALINE SOILS. A Summary of Some Results of Recent Researches on their Origin, Genesis and Agricultural Relationships Details
F. Hardy
Volume 33 Number 2 Salvinia Auriculata Aubl. : the Chemical Eradication of a Serious Aquatic Weed in Ceylon Details
R.H. Williams
W.E. Freeman
Volume 5 Number 11 SAN THOMÉ CACAO INDUSTRY Details
F. W. Urich
Volume 58 Number 3 Savannas, forests and wet season potential evapotranspiration in tropical South America Abstract
T.T. Cochrane, P.G. Jones
Volume 61 Number 2 Scanning electron microscopy of the colonization of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) by host and nonhost Fusarium oxysporum Abstract
lbraheem S. Gbaja, Stuart R. Chant
Volume 61 Number 2 Scarification and germination of seeds of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) De Wit* Abstract
A.J. Oakes
Volume 31 Number 3 Schemes for the Improvement of African Farming in Northern Rhodesia Details
B.C. Wills
Volume 39 Number 1 School Gardening: An Integral Part of Primary School Education in Trinidad and Tobago Details
J.S. Campbell
Volume 22 Number 1 SCIENCE IN SUGAR PRODUCTION Details
F. Hardy
Volume 68 Number 2 Screening for resistance to Verticillium wilt in Zimbabwe Abstract
R.J. Hillocks
Volume 73 Number 4 Screening for susceptibility to Radopholus similis: Evaluation of plantains AAB and diploid AA, AB, and BB Abstract
R. Fogain, S. Gowen, F. Mekemda
Volume 65 Number 2 Screening of bunch peanut (Arachis hypogaea L. ssp. fastigiata) germplasm for cold tolerance in India. (109 Abstract
N.R. Bhagat, Taslim Ahmad, H.B. Lalwani , S. A. Patil, G .J. Patra , D. Acharya
Volume 69 Number 3 Screening of finger millet (Eleusine coracana) cultivars for multiple disease resistance Abstract
Y.M. Somasekhara, S. Viswanath, T.B. Anilkumar
Volume 89 Number 3 Screening of rice genotypes for zinc efficiency. (132) Abstract
B. Hafeez, Y.M. Khanif, A.W. Samsuri, O. Radziah, M. Saleem
Volume 68 Number 1 Screening of some cultivars/lines of blackgram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper) for resistance to water stress Abstract
M. Ashraf, Fadia Karim
Volume 75 Number 2 Screening sweetpotato for drought tolerance in the Philippine highlands and genetic diversity among selected genotypes. (189) Abstract
Belinda A. Anselmo, Zenaida N. Ganga, Estela O. Badol, Yair M. Heimer, Ali Nejidat
Volume 72 Number 4 Screening upland rice germplasm for drought resistance in south Nigeria Abstract
P.A. Akomeah, J.K. Mensah, P.G. Eruotor
Volume 7 Number 7 SEA ISLAND COTTON Details
John A. Todd
Volume 3 Number 3 SEA ISLAND COTTON. Inheritance of Corolla Colour Details
L. S. Burd
Volume 44 Number 1 Seasonal Changes and Availability of Phosphorus in Swamp-rice Soils of North Trinidad Details
N. Ahmad
Volume 48 Number 2 Seasonal Changes in Mineralizable Nitrogen in Trinidad Soils Details
I.S. Cornforth
Volume 49 Number 1 Seasonal crude protein content of samples obtained from a tropical range pasture using oesophageal fistulated steers Details
E.A.A. Dradu, G.N. Harrignton
Volume 91 Number 3 Seasonal effects on the correlation between electromagnetic-induction signals and the properties of two Trinidad soils. (187) Abstract
M. A. Atwell, M. N. Wuddivira, S. A. De Caires
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