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R. E. D. Baker
Volume 10 Number 6 ROOT DISTRIBUTION OF SUGAR-CANE IN DIFFERENT SOILS IN TRINIDAD. Embodying Some Results Obtained by a Soil-Core Method Details
F. Hardy
Volume 32 Number 1 Root Grafting of Coffee Seedlings Details
H.R. Evans
Volume 53 Number 3 Root growth in cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] seedlings Abstract
R.J. Summerfield, F.R. Minchin
Volume 39 Number 4 Root Infection of Theobroma cacao by Phytophthora palmivora Details
P.D. Turner, E.J.A. Asomaning
Volume 55 Number 1 Root nitrogen content and transformation in selected grain legumes Abstract
L.A. Nnadi, V. Balasubramanian
Volume 38 Number 3 Root Nodulation and Agricultural Potential of the Leguminous Genus Psophocarpus Details
G.B. Masefield
Volume 51 Number 2 Root room Abstract
F. Hardy
Volume 52 Number 2 Rooted shoots for physiological experiments with cassava Abstract
D.W. Wholey, J.H. Cock
Volume 40 Number 3 Rooting and Growth of Fruiting Branches of Black Pepper Details
H.F. Winters, T.J. Muzik
Volume 21 Number 11 ROOTING CUTTINGS OF COFFEA ARABICA: A Cost Analysis Details
S.M. Gilbert
Volume 50 Number 4 Rooting of detached vigna sinensis leaves for use in physiological studies Details
L.A. Wilson
Volume 75 Number 3 Rooting pattern in pigeonpea. (390) Abstract
M.S.A. Fakir, C.R. McDavid, P. Umaharan
Volume 70 Number 3 Rooting pattern of vetiver [Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash] in an Oxisol Abstract
M. Abdul Salam, R.S. Shehana, M.K. Mammen, P.M. Kunjamma
A.F. Posnette
Volume 85 Number 3 Rotation of food legume trap crops with maize for Striga Hermonthica (Del.) Benth. management at Gwagwalada, Nigeria Abstract
M.G.M. Kolo, S.U. Adamu
Volume 82 Number 3 Rotational farming system and soil nutrient status in parts of south-eastern Nigeria. (204) Abstract
E.E.A. Ikurekong, E.M. Akpabio
Volume 11 Number 2 ROTATIONS IN THE TROPICS Details
R. Cecil Wood
Volume 66 Number 4 Row arrangement in groundnut/ pigeonpea intercropping Abstract
S. Narsa Reddy, E.V.Ramana Reddy, V.M. Reddy, M.S. Reddy, P. Venkat Reddy
Volume 3 Number 2 RUBBER GROWING. The Netherlands East Indies Industry Details
A. G. N. Swart, J. G. Fol
Volume 2 Number 9 RUBBER RESTRICTION Details
C. Y. Shephard
Volume 43 Number 4 Run-off and Soil Loss on Two Small Watersheds in the Northern Range, Trinidad Details
E.P. Alleyne, M.J. Percy
Volume 80 Number 3 Runoff and water erosion processes of a tropical volcanic soil cultivated under the main cropping systems in Martinique. (168) Abstract
Bounmanh Khamsouk, Eric Roose
Vol 93, No 4 Rural infrastructure and poverty profile of arable crop farming households in Ogun State, Nigeria. (284) Abstract
R. A. Sanusi, D. M. Owuye, L. O. Okojie, D. Akerele, H. O. Adedeji
Volume 43 Number 2 Rural sociology in action Details
A. K. Constandse, E. W. Hofstee
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