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Volume 71 Number 2 Relationships of solar radiation and vapour pressure deficit with photosynthesis and water relations in dry-land pigeon pea Abstract
V. Bala Subramanian, S. Venkateswarlu, M. Maheswari, G.R.M. Sankar
Volume 81 Number 4 Relative efficacy of different organic manures on the performance of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) grown in Lateritic soil. (197) Abstract
Y.S. Prakash, P.B.S. Bhadoria
Volume 82 Number 2 Relative efficiency of record keepers in small farming in Barbados. (121) Abstract
Carlisle A. Pemberton, Evangeline Devonish, Sarojini Ragbir, David Dolly
Volume 51 Number 4 Relative efficiency of sulphur coated Urea, urea and ammonium sulphate in a calcareous soil Abstract
R.C. Dalal, R.F. Darroo, T. Indalsingh
Volume 61 Number 4 Relative usefulness of mechanical and aphid inoculation as modes of screening cowpeas for resistance against cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus Abstract
Gabby I. Atiri, G. Thottappilly
Volume 75 Number 4 Relay-planted green manures as a substitute for inorganic fertilizers for rice in the intensive cropping systems in Nepal. (422) Abstract
K.D. Subedi
Volume 79 Number 2 Removal of reproductive growth increases yield and quality of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). (125) Abstract
Tekalign Tsegaw, Asfaw Zelleke
Volume 67 Number 2 Repair and maintenance costs of agricultural tractors in Nigeria Abstract
L.O. Adekoya, P.A. Otono
Volume 47 Number 3 Repeatability of Milk Yield and Birth Weights of Goats in Malaya II- Birth Weight Details
Anuwar Bin Mahmud, C. Devendra
Volume 44 Number 2 Repeatability of Milk Yield and Length of Lactation of the Milking Buffalo in Egypt Details
K.A. Alim
Volume 80 Number 1 Repellent effect of ackee (Blighia sapida Koenig) component fruit parts against stored-product insect pests. (19) Abstract
A. Khan, F.A. Gumbs
Volume 70 Number 3 Replacement value of maize-milling waste for maize in the diet of growing pullets Abstract
J.O. Atteh, O.O. Balogun, A.A. Annongu, M.A. Kolade
Volume 45 Number 3 Replacing Hurricane Grass in Pastures of the Dry Tropics Details
A.J. Oakes
Volume 32 Number 1 Replanting of Oil Palms Details
J.D. Ferwerda
Volume 42 Number 1 Reproduction of Banana from Adventitious Buds Details
K.S. Hamilton
Volume 42 Number 1 Reproduction of Banana from Adventitious Buds Details
K.S. Hamilton
Volume 78 Number 2 Reproductive performance in smallholder piggeries in northern Nigeria. (130) Abstract
P.I. Rekwot, J.O. Jegede, O.W Ehoche, T.S.B. Tegbe
Volume 78 Number 4 Reproductive performance of a large piggery in southern Trinidad. (263) Abstract
Chrislyn Coolman, M. Phillips, R.B. Holder
Volume 65 Number 1 Reproductive performance of Kenana cows in Sudan Abstract
P.N. Ward, A.M. Saeed, D. Light, R.T. Wilson
Vol 95, No 4 Reproductive performance of Purebred Boer, Grade Boer and Grade Nubian in Jamaica and thermoregulation of Purebred Boer goats (Capra aegagrus hircus, Linnaeus, 1758) at the Bodles Research Station Abstract
Cicero H. O. Lallo, Dennis Lecky, T. O'Connor-Dennie, K. Dawkins, D. McKie
Volume 72 Number 4 Reproductive performance of Zebu cattle in Mexico. Influence of season and social interaction on the timing of expressed oestrus Abstract
C. Lamothe, F. Montiel, G. Fredriksson, C.S. Galina
Volume 73 Number 2 Reproductive performance of zebu, Friesian, and Friesian-zebu crosses Abstract
Mekonnen Haile-Mariam, Goshu Makonnen
Volume 77 Number 1 Reproductive performance of Zebu heifers grazing on African Stargrass (Cynodon nlemfuensis) pastures, with or without access to Arachis pintoi protein banks in the humid tropics of Costa Rica. (67) Abstract
M. Villarreal, S. Estrada, J.M. BolaƱos
Volume 66 Number 3 Reproductive performances of N' dama and West African Shorthorn cattle in the humid forest zone of Ghana Abstract
S.A. Osei, K. Effah-Baah
Volume 69 Number 3 Reproductive problems in indigenous cattle at the Ministry of Agriculture farms in central Ethiopia Abstract
Tekelye Bekele, O.B. Kasali, Gashaw Takele
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