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Volume 80 Number 3 Regeneration and transient gene expression of Musa spp with diverse genomic constitution and ploidy levels. (182) Abstract
L. Tripathi, J.N. Tripathi, R.T. Oso, J.d'A. Hughes, P. Keese
Volume 64 Number 2 Regeneration of patchouli plantlets by propagation of leaves Abstract
T. Vasantha Kumar, V.R. Naragund
Volume 52 Number 4 Regressions, correlations, and combining ability in mung beans (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) Abstract
J.M. Yohe, J.M. Poehlman
Volume 64 Number 3 Rehabilitation of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) in Nigeria: physical and moisture retention properties of old cocoa soils Abstract
Samson A. Ayanlaja
Volume 69 Number 4 Rejuvenation of a peach orchard in the highlands of Guatemala through integrated management Abstract
Wayne T. Williams, Sonia Cifuentes, Vilma del Aguila, Ramon Perez
Volume 63 Number 3 Relation of glasshouse-imposed stress tests to field yields in sweet potato Abstract
Franklin W. Martin
Volume 53 Number 2 Relation of phosphorus fertilization to petiole phosphorus concentrations and vegetative growth of young papaya plants* Abstract
M. Awada
Volume 62 Number 4 Relations between mosaic disease infections and total cyanide levels in cassava leaves Abstract
D.K.G. Ayanru
Volume 75 Number 2 Relationship between anthocyanin composition and paste colour in purple-fleshed sweetpotato. (186) Abstract
Masaru Yoshinaga, Makoto Yoshimoto, Osamu Yamakawa
Volume 64 Number 3 Relationship between bunch yield and bunch weight variation in the oil palm Abstract
Z. Russom, C.O. Obasola
Volume 67 Number 3 Relationship between invertase activity and susceptibility to yellow spot disease in eight sugarcane cultivars Abstract
E.M. Rampersad, C.R. McDavid, F. Elango
Volume 80 Number 3 Relationship between light levels, growth, and development in chickpea, bottlegourd, and sweetpotato. (199) Abstract
M. Giashuddin Miah, Tofayel Ahamed, M. Abiar Rahman, M. Moynul Haque
Volume 34 Number 1 Relationship Between Mangrove Vegetation, Soil Texture and Reaction of Surface Soil after Empoldering Saline Swamps in Sierra Leone Details
T.E. Tomlinson
Volume 61 Number 4 Relationship between the attitudinal limit of cassava and soil temperature in Papua New Guinea Abstract
R. Michael Bourke, J.P. Evenson, B.A. Keating
Volume 52 Number 1 Relationship between the content of oil, protein and sugar in mung bean seed Abstract
T. Hymowitz, F.I. Collins
Volume 75 Number 2 Relationship between tuberization and the appearance of a neutral invertase activity in Pachyrhizus erosus (L.) Urban. (183) Abstract
Victor Vaillant, Fabian Pilet
Volume 89 Number 1 Relationship of citrus yield with greasy spot and footrot diseases. (45) Abstract
Lennox Andrews, Richard A. I. Brathwaite
Volume 81 Number 4 Relationship of nitrate reductase activity and chlorophyll index to macronutrient content and yield of wheat grown with N, P, farmyard manure, and bio-fertilizers. (216) Abstract
O.P. Aishwath, M.S. Dravid
Volume 68 Number 4 Relationship of seed yield and some morphological characters in chickpea under rainfed conditions Abstract
B.S. Chhina, M.M. Verma, H.S. Brar, R.K. Batta
Volume 59 Number 4 Relationship of woody plants to herbaceous production of Nigerian savannah Abstract
William W. Sanford, Sugei Usman, Emmanuel O. Obot, Augustine O. Isichei, Musa Wari
Volume 60 Number 3 Relationships among some morphological and physiological traits in tropical maize (Zea mays L.) Abstract
Nyanguila Muleba, Richard N. Wedderburn, Gary M. Paulsen
Volume 80 Number 2 Relationships among udder and teat size characteristics with milk yield in Red Sokoto goats. (114) Abstract
G.N. Akpa, O.E. Asiribo, O.O. Oni
Volume 70 Number 2 Relationships between environmental factors and level of mycorrhizal infection of citrus on four islands in the Eastern Caribbean Abstract
Stan Michelini, Stan Nemec, Louis E. Chinnery
Volume 65 Number 3 Relationships between harvest index and some traits in cowpea, Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. Abstract
B.A. Ogunbodede
Volume 66 Number 4 Relationships of foliar nutrient levels with yield in black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) Abstract
E.V. Nybe, P.C.S. Nair, P.A. Wahid
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