Vol. 100 No. 4 (2023)

Research Papers

Badoua Badiel, Pascal Adama Kihindo, Tchoa Koné, Rasmata Nana, Razacswendé Fanta Ouédraogo, Edmond Dondassé, Zoumbiessé Tamini
268 - 281
Impact of continuous water deficit on the physiological, agronomic and biochemical performance of sesame(Sesamum indicum L.) varieties and descendants grown in Burkina Faso
R.O. Olayiwola, P.A.S. Soremi, A.L. Nassir
282 - 289
Genetic variability and inter-character relationships in cowpea (Vigna unguiculuta (L.) Walp)
Folorunso Dotun Omotoso, Olajumoke Yemisi Alabi
290 - 300
Field evaluation of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) varieties for resistance to tomato fruit borer(Helicoverpa armigera Hubner) in southwestern Nigeria
Z. Djerrou, Z. Gabli, A. Gabli
301 - 307
Study of bacteria associated with mastitis in dairy sheep farms in the highlands of eastern Algeria
Abdoul-Karim Toudou Daouda, Mahaman Hamissou Illo Souley, Sani Idi Saidou, Sanoussi Atta
308 - 316
Effects of early cutting and harvesting at physiological maturity on forage production and growth of dolichos (Lablab purpureus (L))
David Forgenie, Nikmatul Khoiriyah, Evi Feronika Elbaar
317 - 328
Estimating household price and income elasticities for animal derived sources of food using the QUAIDS model: the case of Jakarta, Indonesia
Pairote Nualnoom, Walter Wehrmeyer, Stephen Morse
329 - 350
Holistic analysis of stakeholder financial trade-offs in land use switching: Case study of oil palm promotion in Thailand
Justin Orimisan Ijigbade, Adewale Isaac Olutumise, Sunday Oluwadare Wright Toluwase, Folorunso Awoseyila, Oluyede Adeleke Aturamu
351 - 364
Assessing the efficiency and profitability potentials of honey input supply: The case of South West Nigeria