Volume 27 Number 1

Table of Contents

Research Papers

J.E. Mayne
G.W. Humphrey Webb
George N. Wolcott
Harold K. Plank
C.W. Wardlaw
H. Evans
J.B.D. Robinson
K.D. Guyadeen

Book Review

E.E. de Turk
T.I. Williams
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Delhi
P.A. Reynolds
British Farm Mechanization
T. Hutchison
British Farm Mechanization
The Farmer and Stockbreeder
C.D. Darlington, K. Mather
Julian Huxley
T. Ashton
G.B. Masefield
C.S. Orwin
National Agricultural Advisory Service
Commonwealth Bureau of Pastures and Field Crops
Horticultural Education Association
W.J. Dowson
Walter J. Nickerson