Volume 31 Number 1

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Professor Sir Frank Engledow
W.V. Harris
H.C. Clifford
H.D. Jordan
Professor C. Coolhaas, D.J. Duynhouwer, A.H. Haak
J. Stewart Blacklock
D.C. Igwe
Office of the Inspector-General of Animal Health Services
H. Schroo

Book Review

Food and Agriculture Organization
N.R. Joshi, A.W. Phillips
Colonial Advisory Council of Agriculture, Animal Health and Forestry
A.V. Gibberd, V.L. Gibberd
Eileen M. Chatt
R.O. Whyte, G. Nilsson-Leissner, H.C. Trumble
D.H. Grist