Volume 40 Number 1

Table of Contents

Research Papers

R.E. Osborne, C.W. Hewitt
R.H. Stover
H.W.S. Allison, R.H. Kenten
J.S. Campbell, J.C. Cole
D.H. Laycock, R.A. Wood
J.H. Topps
J.C.M. Trail
B. Marshall, R.M. Bredon
R.T. Clarke
J.R. Singh, R.P. Srivastava

Book Review

C.W. Wardlaw
S. St. A. Clarke
G.W. Lock
The British Food Manufacturing Research Association
H.P. Huffnagel
The Rubber Research Institute of Malaya
E.L. Levie
Hiromitsu Kaneda, Bruce F. Johnston
Anne Burgess, R.F.A. Dean
R. Anderson, R.R. Staples
D.J. Parsons
G.T. Ward
M.M. Kononova
E.W. Golding
Jean-Claude Garnaud
C.A. Priestley
P.H. Gregory