Volume 41 Number 1

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Lekan Are
H.J.S. Marples
L.V. Crowder, A. Michelin, A. Bastidas
J.L. Andrade, G.E. Rey, M.T. Ramirez, Ch. A Carillo, W.G. Blue
R.J. Thorpe
B.A.C. Enyi
D.W.T. Clay
D.W.T. Clay
R.T. Wijewantha

Book Review

G.J. Rose
S.D. Hocombe, R.J. Yates
Central Secretariat, Caribbean Organisation
Agricultural Research Council of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
J. Champion
I.T. Twyford
D. Biebuyck
E. Clayton
D.R. Arthur