Volume 45 Number 3

Table of Contents

Research Papers

M.A. Owen
J.C.M. Trail, H.J.S. Marples
R.J. Haggar
A.S. Wood, J.W. Kramer
F.R. Ampy, K.V. Rottensten
E.O. Gangstad
L.R. Hutson
I.S. Cornforth, J.B. Davis
D. Walmsley, I.T. Twyford
D. Walmsley, I.T. Twyford
A.J. Oakes
V.B. Reddy, W.F. Meredith, B.T. Brown
N.G. Cassidy

Book Review

H. Ten Have
International Rice Research Institute
V.A. Wager
G.W. Ivens