Volume 56 Number 1

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Omawale, A.M. Rodrigues
D. Eastwood
C.R. McDavid, S. Alamu
W.Y. Chew, K.T. Joseph, K. Ramli
J.L. Ladipo, D.J. Allen
P. Ricci, J.P. Torregrossa, R. Arnolin
R.J. Ito, R. Kunimoto, W.H. Ko
R.A. Khalid, J.A. Silva
U. Mokwunye
E.S.E. Gaili, H.F. Osman
M.C.N. Jayasuriya
A.N. Murthi, L..J.G. Van Der Maesen

Book Review

Centre for Overseas Pest Research
G.S. Hartley, T.F. West, M.B. Green
Institute for Scientific and Technical Information for Agriculture