Botanical control of meloidogyne incognita using sesame and neem extracts. (197)

Ezra S. Bartholomew, Reyshma Baah, Richard A.I. Brathwaite, Wendy-Ann P. Isaac


A greenhouse study was conducted to determine the effective dose of NeMax® (sesame extract), and to compare it with BioNeem® (neem extract) and Vydate® L (Oxamyl) for controlling root-knot nematode (RKN) in sweet pepper. From the results, NeMax® (80ml/L) was comparable to Vydate® L, reducing RKN by over 80% in the roots (P <= 0.05). BioNeem® (15ml/L) was effective, reducing RKN by 52% in the roots, its efficiency in the soil was comparable to NeMax®. Vydate® L had the fastest knockdown rate but the continuous anti-feedant and nematostatic effects of NeMax® and BioNeem® prolonged the reoccurrence rate of RKN.


Bio-nematicide, Meloidogyne incognita, neem, sesame, sweet pepper

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