Analytical study of brucellosis in Oum El Bouaghi Province (northeast Algeria)


Oum El Bouaghi Province

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Analytical study of brucellosis in Oum El Bouaghi Province (northeast Algeria). (2024). Tropical Agriculture, 101(2), 143-153.


This study examines the status of brucellosis in the province of Oum El Bouaghi for the period 2018 - 2021; this disease continues in epidemic mode posing a problem of animal and public health. Several cases of animal brucellosis are recorded every year and reported to the Department of Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, while cases of human brucellosis are notified to the Ministry of Health. Within this context, an exploratory study was conducted in the province of Oum El Bouaghi. The number of cases reported infected during 2018-2021 was 44 Cattle and 180 goat. The municipality of Berriche which is located in Ain Beida recorded alone 17 cattle cases and 19 goats' cases, while the municipality of Ain Zitoune, which is located in Oum El Bouaghi, recorded 40 goat cases and 2 cattle cases in 2019. The prevalence of this disease is significant enough to warrant the attention of producers, consumers and those involved in animal health management.