The value of cashew apple (Anacardium occidentale L.) meal in broiler rations

R. Kadirvel, B. Mohan, A. Natarajan, M. Bhaskaran


The feeding value of cashew apple (Anacardium occidentale L.) meal (CAM) to broiler chicks was assessed in two trials. In Trial 1 CAM was included in the ration at 0, 10, 15, 20, and 25% replacing part of maize and de-oiled rice bran. The weight gain at 8 weeks on 10% CAM diet and on the basal diet was similar. However, with inclusion of 15% and above there was a progressive decrease in weight gain. The birds retained 44.7%, 39.9%, 37.9%, 33.6%, and 35.4% N at the 0, 10, 15, 20, and 25% levels of CAM in the diet, respectively. The CAM-fed birds had a higher incidence of pasty vents. In Trial 2 CAM was included at 10% and 15% levels and supplemented with the enzyme, B-glucanase. The weight gain of chicks on 10% and 15% CAM diets was comparable to the basal group. The enzyme addition marginally improved weight gain. The feed intake was higher resulting in poor feed efficiency, but the incidence of severe pasted vents was reduced. The CAM inclusion did not influence dressing percentage, weight of spleen, gizzard, and heart but there was a significant reduction in liver size (P < 0.05).


Cashew apple meal; Broiler ration

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