Modified form of urea for pearl millet - wheat sequence under subtropical conditions

Apurba Sarkar, A.S. Faroda


Pearl millet and wheat were grown in sequence during 1986-1987 and 1987-1988. Nitrogen was applied to pearl millet in the form of urea, bitumen-coated urea (BCU), urea supergranules (USG), and bitumen-coated urea supergranules (BCUSG) at 0, 40, 80, and 120 kg N ha-1. Grain, dry matter (DM) yield, and plant height of pearl millet were highest at 120 kg N ha-1 with BCUSG. The next highest were USG and BCU. These rates and forms of N showed residual effects of soil NH4+-N after millet harvest which increased grain, DM yield, and plant height of unfertilized wheat grown subsequently. Modified forms of urea are recommended as better sources of urea N at 120 kg N ha-1 in such a sequence.


Pearl millet; Wheat; Urea supergranules; Bitumen-coated urea; Bitumen-coated urea supergranules; Slow release nitrogen fertilizer

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