Yield component analysis of bunch groundnut (Arachi hypogaea L. ssp. fastigiata) germplasm in Sri Lanka


  • R. Pathirama Department of Agronomy, University of Ruhuna, Kamburupitiya, Sri Lanka


Keywords, Path coefficients, Genotypic variability, Phenotypic variability, Genotypic correlations· Yield component compensation


One hundred and twenty-five bunch groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L. ssp. fastigiata) accessio selected from over 300 entries for adaptability, were studied for yield and related quantitative ct acters during two consecutive dry seasons under irrigation in the Intermediate Zone of Sri Lan The accessions showed much diversity for the characters. Low environmental variability was recon for seed size and shelling percentage. The number of pods, number of seeds, and the pod weight plant-1 had similar levels of variability and high correlations among themselves and with seed yii Genotypic correlations and the direct effect (estimated by the method of path coefficients) of number of pods plani-1 and the seed size on the seed yield were high. The number of seeds po also correlated positively with yield but to a lesser extent than the other yield components. Posi1 direct effects and lack of negative indirect effects of yield components on the seed yield indicated the possibility of improving seed yield and seed size without compensatory effects in irrigated groundnut.



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