Survey on species composition of Ixodidae tick infesting cattle in Tiaret (Algeria)

Kouidri Mokhtaria, Ait Amrane Ammar, Selles Sidi Ammar, Khellil Chahrazed, Smail Fadela, Belhamiti Taher Belkacem


Ticks are interesting largely because of their considerable medical and veterinary importance. A study was conducted in Tiaret region with the objective of determining bovine tick species. From the cattle infested, 253 ticks were collected. Four genera; namely Hyalomma, Boophilus, Ripicephalus and Dermacentor and nine species were identified, of which Hyalomma excavatum was the most abundant species comprising 28.46% of the total collected ticks, followed by Boophilusannulatus (18.97%), Hyalomma lusitanicum (15.42%) and Hyalomma detritum (13.44%). The least abundant tick species was Dermacentor marginatus (0.39%). The three monotropic species, recognized as vectors of bovine piroplasmosis in Algeria, represented 41.50% of the total tick population. Among these R. bursa represented 9.09%, H. detritum 13.44% and B. annulatus 18.97%.Which should prompt us to carry out in-depth studies on the diseases transmitted by these ticks and the use of acaricides for the treatment and prevention of infestations by these arthropods.


Boophilus,cattle, Dermacentor, Hyalomma, Ripicephalus, Tiaret, ticks species

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