The case of the breadfruit chip: An entrepreneurial opportunity. (207)

Candace Brathwaite, Jairzenho Bailey, Brandon Hamid


This paper focuses on the marketing and consumption of breadfruit for niche markets. It highlights the fact that the evolving eating habits of contemporary consumers is an opportunity for new business in the food and agriculture industry. In particular, the trend of snacking on the go, rather than consuming large meals at specific times of the day, has created the demand for new products and services. This new market niche of snackers presents an opportunity for the breadfruit because of its versatility and novelty. This paper reviews the trends in the snack market as well as the ways in which breadfruit can be used to produce new products for this market. It underscores the fact that the Global Snack Market has been estimated at over $300 Billion US dollars annually, and highlights a small pilot study which indicates that there is in fact room for the breadfruit snack, specifically the breadfruit chip. It ends with suggested areas for further research.


Snackers; niche

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