Using an improved micropropagation system combined with access to field evaluation information can support sustainable development of breadfruit. (116)

A.S. Shandil, V.S. Tuia


This paper describes a number of investigations into breadfruit (Artocarpus spp), a crop that is important in terms of food security and sustainable development. The use of advanced modern technology – in vitro culture – in breadfruit propagation is supporting the growing demand for more planting materials. Another potential method of propagation was explored – somatic embryogenesis – but no somatic callus was formed after ten weeks, only thickening of explants exposed to a medium combination of 1/2 MS + 2,4-D (2mg/L) + BAP (1.0mg/L). Another investigation was carried out to identify varieties tolerant to salt, an important consideration in countries prone to salt inundation. Fiji’s Uto Dina breadfruit variety did not tolerate 1% or 1.5% salt concentrations over five weeks, but one out of the five plantlets tolerated 0.5% salinity. For a sustainable supply of breadfruit, it is important to identify varieties that fruit all year round. About 65% of CePaCT’s collection of breadfruit varieties has been categorised, seven of which can produce year-round fruiting. To assess breadfruit popularity, local taste-testers were given samples. The three varieties preferred were Samoa Soke, Dreu Lo and Ma'afala, especially when they were over-mature and tasted sweet. The Pacific region has a high rate of non-communicable disease and access to information on the nutritional value of breadfruit will encourage utilisation of these varieties and support efforts to reduce health related risks. Carotenoids, which are antioxidants, play a role in human health. To investigate the amount of carotenoids in breadfruit, an analysis of samples of several varieties found that the Puou variety from Samoa contained the highest carotenoid levels (44.2 and 70.2 ?g/100g) in both cooked and uncooked samples.


Salt tolerant, breadfruit screening, micropropagation, bioreactor, somatic embryogenesis, Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees, year round fruiting

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