Hydrocooling and post-harvest quality in melongene (Solanum melongena L.). (161)


Marketable quality

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Hydrocooling and post-harvest quality in melongene (Solanum melongena L.). (161). (1988). Tropical Agriculture, 65(2). https://journals.sta.uwi.edu/ojs/index.php/ta/article/view/5399


Mature melongene fruits (So/anum melongena L. cv. Long Purple) hydrocooled with or without benomyl application were stored at 5, 15 and 28-30°C and examined for marketable quality after 8, 16 and 24 days. While marketable quality was not impaired up to eight days at 5 or 15°C, storage for an additional eight days at these temperatures suggested a quality rating that would still meet export requirements. In contrast to a control (air-dried), a delay in the appearance of visible symptoms of chilling injury was noted for the hydrocooled samples after 24 days at 5°C. Hydrocooled melongenes were of superior quality to the control after eight days at 28-30°C. The control (air-dried) deteriorated faster at 28-30°C than the hydrocooled samples as storage duration increased. Benomyl appeared to be a beneficial supplement to hydrocooling by inhibiting decay after 24 days at 28-30°C. Both control and hydrocooled melongenes kept at l5°C showed no . evidence of decay or chilling injury.