Mineral content of some tropical forage legumes. (132)


Tropical forage legumes
Mineral contents

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Mineral content of some tropical forage legumes. (132). (1988). Tropical Agriculture, 65(2). https://journals.sta.uwi.edu/ojs/index.php/ta/article/view/5393


44 potentially high-yielding tropical forage legumes grown in Trinidad were analysed in the laboratory to determine the trace mineral content and to assess whether the levels of minerals are adequate to meet the needs of ruminants in the Commonwealth Caribbean region. The mineral content of the tropical forage legumes was calculated and expressed as a percentage of dry matter. The range of mineral levels were N; 1.63-2.34, K; 0.53-1.90, Mg; 0.24-1.35, Ca; 0.53-1.90 and P; 0.16-0.34. The levels of N, K, Mg, Ca and P were found to be in agreement with values reported in the literature for forage legumes grown elsewhere in the tropics. Except for P, the levels of all other minerals in the forage legumes appeared to be adequate to meet the needs of beef cows in a cow-calf management regime. The production ratings are given on the evaluation of each forage legume based on its ability to adapt and produce in Trinidad on River Est;lte loam which is an acid (pH 5-6) soil with poor sub-soil drainage, low CEC, moderate N, low P and K but adequate Ca and Mg.