Effect of rates and modes of mulch application on runoff, sediment and nitrogen loss on cropped and uncropped fields

H.S. Sur, P.S. Mastana, M.S. Hadda


Applications of mulch decreased runoff, sediment load and nitrogen loss, but the effectiveness greatly depended upon the mode of application. Where wheat-straw mulch was applied to the whole plot surface (W), on the lower one-third portion of the plot (W/3), or in bands (B), these reduced runoff by 50, 43 and 36%, respectively. Runoff, losses of sediment and nitrogen per unit area covered by mulch in the three modes followed the order, B < W/3 < W. Effectiveness of cropping in decreasing runoff, sediment and nitrogen loss depended on the mode of mulch application and was in the order, W > B > W/3. The results can be usefully employed to optimize the use of available mulch material.


Runoff; Sediment; Nitrogen Joss; Mode of mulch application

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