Some sources of resistance to early leaf spot of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in India

M.P. Ghewande, S. Desai, Prem Narayan, S.D. Kamble


Among the several groundnut germplasm cultivars screened, five were identified as sources of resistance to Cercospora arachidicola and were classified into two groups based on disease intensity and pod yield, employing pooled ANOVA and partitioning of error variance techniques. Group 1 comprised NC Ac 927, NC Ac 17149 and Pl 393646; group 2 had NC Ac 17133 (RF) and PI 341879. Further, NC Ac 17149 showed resistance by consistently recording an average disease intensity of 3.58 on a 1-9 point scale (1, no disease; and 9, plants severely infected with 50-100% defoliation) and 12.1 g per plant pod yield, which may be used as a donor parent in breeding programmes.


Groundnut; Peanut; Early leaf spot; Cercospora arachidicola; Resistance; Arachis hypogaea

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