Response of some tropical plant species to endomycorrhizal fungi under field conditions

P. Khasa, V. Furlant, J.A. Fortin


Nineteen agricultural and sylvicultural plant species cultivated in Zae were tested under field conditions for their response to endomycorrhizal fungi. All plant species, except amaranth, showed various degrees of root colonization in non-fumigated and fumigated soil. Eight plant species (African yam bean, wild mung, acacia, leucaena, onion, sweet potato, tomato and cassava) were highly dependent on mycorrhizae for normal growth and development. The added endomycorrhizal inoculum significantly increased root fungal colonization in 16 of the 19 plant species cultivated.


Endomycorrhizae; Mycorrhizal dependency; Fumigation

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