Effects of pre-germination treatments on seedling establishment and development of Plantago ovata Forsk.

D.L. McNeil, R.S. Duran


The interactions between different treatments to promote germination in Plantago ovata Forsk. were examined. Seed germination showed a logistic decline with increasing temperature. Fresh seed had zero germination at sowing temperatures of 25C. Addition of KNO3, GA3 or GA4 and ageing seed gave additive increases to the temperature at which 100% germination was achieved. Low-temperature seed treatments were shown to decrease germination times and time to 50% flowering by up to 3 weeks. Gibberellin treatments reduced seed survival as well as having minor effects on rate of germination, length of vegetative phase and plant growth. A one-day pretreatment of fresh seed with low temperatures (l5C) and 10-5 GA3 gave seed which would germinate and survive after transplanting into pots.


Temperature; Seed dormancy; Gibberellin; Flowering; Plantago ovata; Psyllium; New crop

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