Performance of citrus scions on Cleopatra mandarin at different nursery spacings and planting arrangements

T.O. Oseni, M.O.A. Fawusi


Growth characteristics and leaf nutrient contents of 'Agege 1' and Washington navel oranges, Marsh seedless grapefruit and Lake tangelo scions on Cleopatra mandarin stocks at three nursery spacings and planting arrangements were investigated. Marsh grapefruit scion growth was greatest and that of Lake tangelo was least on Cleopatra mandarin stock. The scions differed in their growth characteristics at the different spacings and planting arrangements. The average height, trunk cross-sectional area and canopy volume of the scions were better developed and more vigorous on Cleopatra mandarin at 0.60 0.60 m square planting than at 0.40 0.60 m rectangular spacing or at the paired rows 0.30 m apart with alternative planting. The mean leaf N, P, K, Ca and Mg contents were in the optimum ranges and not significantly different at the three spacings. However, the mean leaf Zn, Mn and Fe contents were significantly affected by the nursery spacing and planting arrangements


Citrus scions; Cleopatra mandarin; Plant spacing; Planting arrangements

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