Variation in agronomic characters among maternal half-sib families of Saccharum officinarum and elite Hawaiian commercial clones

R.J. Schmell, C. Nagai


Studies were conducted to estimate and compare genetic variation in agronomic characters, stalk volume, stalk number, plant height and stalk diameter among S. officinarum maternal half-sib families (OHS), elite Hawaiian commercial clone maternal half-sib families (EHS), and among the parental elite clones (EC) themselves. Twenty-seven OHS, 27 EHS, and 27 EC were evaluated for four variables in two field environments. Significant genetic variation was detected for stalk diameter, stalk number and stalk height among the OHS, for stalk diameter and stalk number among the EHS, and for all characters among the EC. Genotype environment interactions were significant among OHS for all characters, and for stalk volume and stalk number among the EC. No interaction was detected among the EHS. The S. officinarum is not expected to be useful in broadening the genetic base of our breeding population.


Genetic variation; Heritability; Sugar-cane; Germplasm evaluation

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