Tannin and saponin contents of some tropical browse species fed to goats


  • C.F.I. Onwuka Department of Animal Science, University of Cross River State, PMB 1219, Okuku campus, Ogoja,Cross River State, Nigeria


Tannin, Saponin, Browse, Goats, Nutrition


Leaves of 37 browse species were assayed for their contents of tannin and saponin as possible anti-nutritional factors in livestock feeding. The tannin contents of leaves of trees and herbs were found to be higher than those of shrubs. Ranges in tannin in the assayed browse plants were 0.09-4.00%; 0.03-1.30% and 0.19-3.28% in the trees, shrubs and herbs, respectively. The corresponding ranges for the saponin were 0.07-0.89%; 0.002-0.19% and 0.11-0.36%. On feeding three of the browse plants to goats, the tannin and saponin in the leaves of Gliricidia sepium, Manihot escuelenta and Spondias mombin were both found significantly (P<0.01) to influence dry matter intake, nitrogen intake and nitrogen balance but not body weight gain in West African dwarf goats.



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