Combining ability for maturity and agronomic traits in some tropical maize (Zea mays L.) populations


  • S.O. Ajala National Cereals Research Institute, PMB 5042, Ibadan, Nigeria


Maize, Recurrent selection, Early maturity, Reduced height, Good yield, Late (short) season


The potential of some maize populations as candidates for the development of short-season varieties was examined in field trials across six environments. Two sets of crosses were made along colour lines to produce a set each of white and yellow diallels. These, with their respective parents, were evaluated for maturity, plant height and yield traits. Results obtained showed that the use of recurrent selection to develop early-maturing maize varieties with reduced height and good yield is feasible. Combining ability effects revealed that both EV 8443 SR and DMR-LSRW for the white materials and EV 8428 SR for the yellow, would be good candidates; EV 8428 SR and TZSR-Y-1 could also be paired for a reciprocal recurrent selection programme aimed at developing varieties for the short rainy season.



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