Socio-economic factors affecting household food expenditure in North Trinidad

Vidwatee Ramdhanie, Carlisle Pemberton, Isabella Granderson


The paper was designed to examine food security and the factors that affect expenditure on different food groups for a sample of households of primary school children located in North Trinidad. Primarily the paper sought to examine the determinants of increased consumption of the fruits and vegetables. A random selection of schools was taken, classes selected and caregivers for children from the selected classes were interviewed. Data on household demographics and expenditures for four food groups were obtained in the survey. Results of the estimations of ordinary least squares (OLS) regression models showed that several factors including ethnicity, monthly household income, the age of household's head and an estimated food security index influenced the households' food expenditures.


Caribbean; food security; socio-economic factors; food expenditures; Trinidad and Tobago

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