Seasonal influences on some yield factors in four varieties of Theobroma cacao L.


  • L.A. Are Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, lbadan, Nigeria
  • O.A. Atanda Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, lbadan, Nigeria


Records of three factors, namely the percentage conversion rate for weight of wet beans to fermented dry cocoa, mean cured bean weight and number of beans per 100 pods for mature cacao vs 'Amelonado ', 'F2 Amazon', 'F3 Amazon' and 'Local Trinitario' were kept for four years. The magnitudes of all three factors were greater during the dry, main crop season than during the wet, light crop season. 'Amelonado ' cacao had the highest overall mean conversion rate of 44.35 per cent, highest number of beans per 100 pods (3530·6) and mean weight of dry beans per pod (39·54 g). In the dry season, 10·6o pods of 'Amelonado ' and 1 1 .34 pods of 'F3 Amazon' the varieties most commonly planted by Nigerian farmers, gave 0·454 kg (1 lb) dry beans, while in the wet season 13·54 pods of 'Amelonado'or 18·55 pods of ' F3 Amazon' were required. To convert the weight of any wet ' F3 Amazon' beans or those from a mixed planting of ' F3 Amazon’ ‘F2 Amazon' and ' Trinitario' to fermented dry cocoa, an annual conversion rate of 43.3 per cent or monthly conversion rates are proposed instead of the 40 per cent suggested by GLENDINNING.



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