Response of Digitaria setivalva to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium on Ebini sandy loam, Guyana. I - Effect on yield, tissue composition and nutrient uptake


  • H.A.D. Chesney Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Georgetown, Guyana


A field experiment was conducted in Guyana to determine the response of the grass Digitaria setivalva on Ebini sandy loam, a highly leached infertile soil, to N, P, K, Mg and Ca. Application of N and P caused very significant increases in dry matter production of the order of 8000 and 4000 kg/ha respectively. Ca, K and Mg had no effect on yield. It was shown that adequate moisture was necessary for optimum dry matter production. The application of N, P and K generally increased the tissue content of the respective nutrient. The P content of non-phosphorus fertilized grass was deficient for grazing cattle. The percentage recoveries of fertilizer N, P and K were low and the possible reasons for this are discussed.



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