Effects of heights of cutting after grazing on yield, quality and utilization of Cynodon IB.8 pasture in southern Nigeria

H.R. Chheda, M.A. Mohammed Saleem


In an experiment in which Cynodon cv. IB.8 pasture were cut at 0, 10, 18 and 25 cm height or left uncut after each grazing, it was found that 10 and 18 cm heights or cut resulted in increased DM and CP production and also in increased utilization as compared with other treatments. It is recommended that such pastures should be mowed back to a height of 18 cm after each grazing for prolonged persistence and sustained productivity of good quality herbage, or in short term rotations they could be mowed to a height or 10 cm after grazing to obtain maximum yields of high quality herbage.

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