Effect of saline water irrigation on N.Co.310 and H50-7209 cultivars of sugar-cane. II–Chemical composition of plants

M.M. Syed, S.A. El-Swaify


The effects of water irrigation on the chemical composition of two sugar-cane cultivars were determined. Salt types NaCl, Na2SO4 and Sea-water affected the uptake of various elements differently. In general, the Na content was increased by all treatments, K content remained unchanged with NaCl and sea-water irrigation but decreased with Na2SO4, Ca content was reduced, and most of the reduction occurring under Na2SO4 irrigation, and Mg content increased slightly with the highest content noted under sea-water treatments. Analysis for anions showed that Cl content increased significantly with NaCl and Sea-water irrigation but decreased sharply with Na2SO4, that the converse was true for SO42- content, that P content remained essentially unchanged for N.Co.310 but increased significantly for H50-7209, and that N contents of blades were reduced under all treatments.

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