Use of coconut meal and molasses as supplements to grazing for dairy cows in Fiji


  • K.H. McIntyre


Thirty cows were allocated to three comparable groups based on previous milk yield, age and liveweight. The cows in group I did not received any feed supplement to grazing but the cows in groups II and III received coconut meal and molasses respectively, fed according to the amount of milk produced during the previous week. The differences between groups in total milk production, after adjustment for differences in previous yields, were significant. The cows in groups II and III produced more milk and butterfat than those in group I (P < 0.001). The cows in group II produced more milk than those in group III (P < 0.05). The Same differences were apparent in butterfat production. Although coconut meal feeding produced greater responses in yield, feeding molasses for butterfat production was economic at current prices but coconut meal feeding was not. Coconut meal and molasses were both economic for whole milk production.



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