Use of menazon insecticide for control of rosette disease of groundnuts in Uganda


  • J.C. Davies Department of Agriculture, Uganda


Trial on rain-fed and irrigated groundnuts are described in which menazon, at a range of rates and applied in differing spray regimes, was tested for control of Aphis craccivora Koch, the vector of rosette disease. Four applications, each at the rate of 294g active ingredient per hectare at ten day intervals gave the most consistent results in terms of reduced rosette disease attack, but halving the rate did not give inferior results in several trials. Significant improvements in groundnut yield and quality were obtained at a range of sites, and in all trials the use of menazon very greatly reduced the percentage of plants showing rosette symptoms during growth and at harvest time. Use of menazon as a seed dressing in some trials did not improve the degree of control achieved, but was promising in one trial under irrigated conditions.



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