Longevity of polyethylene bunch covers for bananas in relation to thickness of the film


  • T. Trochoulias Tropical Fruit Research Station, Department of Agriculture, Alstonville, N.S.W. 2477, Australia


Four thicknesses of blue polyethylene bunch covers (0·038, 0·050, 0·075 and 0·100mm) for bananas were compared for longevity under field conditions, from 1971 to 1973, at the Tropical Fruit Research Station, Alstonville. The longevity index, days in the field and condition score of covers increased (P<0.01) as the film thickness increased from 0·038 to 0·075mm but 0.001mm covers were no better than the 0·038 mm covers. After one year, the 0·100 mm covers performed poorly compared with the thinner films.



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