The amelioration of some potato disease problems in Malawi

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The amelioration of some potato disease problems in Malawi. (1975). Tropical Agriculture, 52(3).


As a result of field and storage experiments on the control of late blight (Phytophthora infestans) and storage rots (Fusarium solani var. caeruleum and Erwinia aroideae) of potato spraying with mancozeb is recommended for late blight and a dip in organo-mercury (Aretan 6) fungicide for storage rot control. Additional recommendations based on practical experience are given for the use of one per cent Malathion dust to combat tuber moth (Gnorimoschema operculella) and tecnazene to depress sprouting in shortdormancy potato Cultivars. The integration of chemical methods with the selection of resistant cultivars for late blight control and the use of differing dormancy periods of various cultiva1 for a continuous supply of fresh potatoes for markets is advocated.