Assessment of field resistance to Pangola stunt virus (PSV) of Digitaria introductions in Surinam and Guyana

A.E.S. Hunkar, A. Tjong, A. Hung, I.G. Dulder, S.C. Schank, N. Holder, C. Edwards


One hundred and four Digitaria introductions representing 14 species and two unnamed clones, together with hybrids of the first and second generation, were examined for field resistance to Pangola stunt virus (PSV) in Surinam and Guyana. Most of the material was under observation for eight years. Ten original accessions showed a high degree of tolerance to PSV during this period and another 25 clones were of interest because of only slight symptom expression. Susceptibility to PSV varied between and within species. Although the mode of inheritance of resistance is not quite clear, it has been possible to breed resistant lines from parents showing resistance. Multiple genes are suspected to be involved with some degree of dominance. The expression of PSV symptoms was correlated with rainfall data.

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