Sources of disease resistance in Digitaria germplasm

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Sources of disease resistance in Digitaria germplasm. (1976). Tropical Agriculture, 53(1).


In the continuing search for superior germplasm, it is useful to know the origin and characteristics of Digitaria species that are disease resistant. Their incidence and distribution within and among species in the USDA Digitaria collection enhances its value and leads to its use in the development of improved cultivars. Researchers have recorded the origin and identification of Digitaria germplasm by species and genotype which is resistant to the following pathogens: Puccinia oahuensis, Pyricularia grisea, Mycosphaerella lassiana, Rhizoctonia solani and Pangola stunt virus (PSV). Because of the geographic distribution of disease resistant germplasm, attention should be given to the genetic diversity of Digitaria rather than to any on area and in particular to those Digitaria species known to be highly resistant.