Effect of time and method of application of gibberellic acid on the growth and promotion of flowering in tannia (Xanthosoma sagittifolium)

S. Alamu, C.R. McDavid


The effect of a pre-plant soak application of gibberellic acid (GA) and that of foliar spray at different ages on the growth and promotion of flowering in tannia were compared. Early application of GA by either method (within the first two months after planting) had similar effects. These included an initial stimulation of petiole elongation; an increase in the production of axillary leaf systems and number of leaves per plant; a reduction in leaf area and in corm and cormel dry weight, and the production of inflorescences within 120 day after GA application. Late foliar application of GA (seven months) also promoted flowering but had no other effect. The pre-plant soak method is recommended for breeding programme in this crop where the early production of flowers may be advantageous.

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