Growth and yield of cabbage Cultivars in a lowland tropical environment


  • C.N. Williams Department of Agriculture, Brunei


Thirty three cultivars of cabbage (B. oleracea var. capitata) and nine cultivars of Chinese cabbage (B. pekinensis) were grown in replicated trials at a lowland site in Brunei (5°N) during June to August to determine their capacity for head formation. Data were also recorded for plant diameter (to determine optimum spacing) and percentage survival. Ten cultivars of western cabbage and two of Chinese cabbage produced satisfactory (marketable) heads. The three highest yielding cvs with the largest heads were 'Y.R. Cross 20 Fl', 'K.K. Cross Fl' (Takii, Japan) and 'Spring Light Fl' (Taiwan). Others giving attractive, small, but very compact heads and high yield were 'Pak Rite', Leo 80 FI', 'Princess 39 Fl', 'Atlas 70 Fl' and 'Harvester Queen' (Sakata, Japan) and these could be planted at closer spacings than the cultivars with the largest heads. The highest yielding Chinese cabbage was 'Tropical Delight' (Sakata). Cultivar '39 B' (Takii) also showed satisfactory heading and yield.



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