Productivity of four commercial forage legumes and two native lines under clipping in Belize, C. A.


  • J.R. Lazier Central Farm, Cayo District, Belize, C.A.


Centrosema pubescens cv. 'Centro' a native line of C. pubescens, Macroptilium atropurpureum cv. 'Siratro', a native line of M. atropurpureum, Desmodium intortum cv. 'Greenleaf' and D. uncinatum cv. 'Silverleaf' were grown in pure ward on a fertile alluvial soil under 1500 mm rainfall. The plots were cut for dry matter production at a height of 15 cm at intervals of six weeks over 17 months. D. uncinatum, was not adapted and died out. D. intortum grew very well until the first dry season when it also died out. M. atropurpureum and C. pubescens lines persisted and were productive but the native and commercial lines differed in their response to change in the environment. 'Siratro' was judged to be the most promising legume tested owing to its high total and good dry season productivity. D. intortum may be useful in a ley system or at higher altitudes.



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