Determination of pod and bean characters in progeny trials with cocoa


  • G. Lockwood Cocoa Research Institute, P.O. Box 8, Tafo-Akim, Ghana
  • D.F. Edwards Cocoa Research Institute, P.O. Box 8, Tafo-Akim, Ghana


A simple and reliable technique for making sample fermentations from individual progenies at every harvest from breeding trials with cocoa is described. These fermentations permit accurate estimation of wet-to-dry weight conversion ratios, mean bean weights, average numbers of beans per pod and pod values. The results obtained are illustrated with data from six trials in Ghana and show that unless pod values are determined accurately, serious errors in yield estimates can arise. The four characters studied varied significantly between progenies but there was little evidence of interactions between progenies and seasons. The mean number of beans per pod appeared to be low in several progenies of Upper Amazon parentage, a result which is discussed in relation to the pollination and fertility of cocoa.



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