Performance of Native and Anglo-Nubian crosses and observations on improved pastures for goats in the Bahamas

L.L. Wilson, T.S. Katsigianis, A.A. Dorsett, T.E. Cathopoulis, A.G. Greaves, J.E. Baylor


Kids from Native docs and sired by Anglo-Nubian bucks were 33 and 21·8 per cent heavier (P < 0·05) at birth and 90 days, respectively, than kids from Native does sired by Native bucks. Native does produced 1·6 kids and weaned 1·4 kids per kidding. The mean kidding interval was 268 days. Kids from Native does weighed 2·6 kg at birth and 12·0 kg at 90 days. Four treatments of land and pasture were compared using mature does: (A) unimproved; (B) burnt and seeded· (C) land cleared, rocks windrowed and seeded: and (D) as for (C) but grid-rolled without windrowing. Initially pastures of each treatment were stocked with 5, 10, 13 and 19 does, respectively. At these stocking rates, treatments A and D were overstocked and treatments B and C tended to be understocked during the 196 day trial. More appropriate stocking rates would be 2.3, 5.5, 5.5 and 7.5 does per hectare.

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