Effects of varying levels of added sulphur on nitrogen mineralization during aerobic incubation of a calcareous Gangetic alluvial soil from Bangladesh

M.S. Choudhury, A.H. Cornfield


The effects of adding 0·l, 0·2, 0·5 and l·0 per cent of sulphur (< 0·25 mm particle size) to a Gangetic alluvial soil (containing 6·0 per cent calcium carbonate) from Bangladesh on mineral-N changes after 6 and 12 weeks of aerobic incubation were studied. Nitrification and mineralization decreased with increasing applied sulphur to a greater extent over 12 than over 6 weeks of incubation. Over the 6 to 12 week compared with the 0 to 6 week period of incubation both nitrification and N mineralization increased to a greater extent with 0·l per cent sulphur, to a lesser extent with 0·2 per cent sulphur, whilst there were only slight change with 0·5 and l·0 per cent sulphur. There was virtually no mineral-N accumulation where 0·5 and 1·0 per cent sulphur was added.

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