Efficiency of nitrogen utilization by Zebu cows and buffaloes. I.Nutrient utilization and nitrogen balances on performed protein diets

R.S. Ludri, M.N. Razdan


In an experiment on eight adult non-pregnant females, four each of Tharparkar Zebu and Murrah buffalo breeds, maintained under identical management and fed on four levels of dietary protein and constant energy, it was found that the buffaloes consumed more dry matter per unit metabolic body size than the cows. A dietary protein intake 40 per cent less than the recommended amount of digestible crude protein (DCP) had no adverse effect on appetite or the digestibilities of the food consumed. Buffaloes digested less crude protein in comparison to cows, but maintained positive nitrogen balances even on 40 per cent of the recommended DCP intakes. The experiment confirmed that the mechanism of nitrogen utilization is better developed in buffaloes than in cows.

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